The anti-evil cave can not be used without my permisson!

Wearabouts Edit

The wearabouts of the anti-evil cave is near the mountians at Tantegel. The anti-evil cave is hidden quite well so it is nearly impossible to find without searching for the place, a hint you are near it is the ruins were monsters roam about like dracky's and imps.


Floors Edit

the floors of the anti-evil cave go down to 1000. Each floor gets harder and harder with new monsters coming evrey 10 floors eventuly getting to darkorium slimes around floor 550. Evrey 25 floors there is a reward, for the first floor you have to prove yourself worthy to get the anti-evil spell that need 5 people with certain personalitys to cast it, once you go onto floors like 50, 75 etc, there will be spell amplifiers for the anti-evil spell to weaken monsters further in the spells radius. Evrey 250 floors there will be a fight to see if you are strong enough to pass, each boss your beat from floor 250, 500 and 750 you will get a reward. When you reach floor 1000 the bottom floor you will fight Tromies for the stardust sword.