Tromies is a fighter blessed by the almighty

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Life Edit

Tromies life is shrouded in mystery but he has been seen in low levels of the anti-evil cave around floors 900-999. Tromies lives on the 1000 floor on the anti-evil cave were he challanges the opponets to a duel on this final floor for a stardust sword, this can prove nearly impossible due to him being on the lowest level of the anti-evil cave and is a pro swordsmaster axemaster and bowmaster. Using a Supernova sword, Odins bow and a star axe. His power is granted from the Almighty to prove the worth of others that have dwelved deep to level 1000 of the anti-evil cave when the winner is awarded with a stardust sword.

Weapons Edit

The weapons weilded by Tromies are..

Odins bow

Supernova sword

Star axe

Spells Edit

Tromies is a horrible spell caster but his know spells are







Personality Edit

Tromies personality is on times arrogant and rude, but most of the time he is calm, slightly greedy and hot headed. Due to being in the anti-evil cave for a long time he has not seen other dominant races for a long time and is intriuged by others when they come down to his floor on the anti-evil cave to fight for the stardust sword.

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